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Friday, September 2, 2011

Review: Another Earth At the Moxie in Springfield MO

If you miss this you will be sorry. You may not know it until a few years have gone by, but you will know it. Trust me.
Here's part of Roger Ebert's review:If she had not had too many beers. If she had been listening to a different radio station. If he had not been on the road in the wrong place at the wrong time. The fatal crash was the sum of an infinite series of "ifs," tracing back to if life had never evolved on Earth in the first place. In our lives, we surf the wave of chance.

Not as elegant as Nabokov but the same idea:

There are always at least two occasions when two persons, unwittingly, almost meet. Each time destiny seems to have prepared this meeting with the greatest care, attending first to one possibility, then another, ordering the tiniest detail and leaving nothing to chance. But each time some tiny, unattended eventuality intervenes to prevent the coming together, and the two lines diverge once again at a greater rate... But destiny is much too persistent to allow itself to be put off by a failure. It arrives at its ends, by such subtle machinations that not even a click is heard when at last the two persons are brought together. (Nabokov)(IE 81)

Read Ebert and then come back so plot is out of the way.

If you have not read Paul Auster's The Music of Chance, then read it. DeLillo dedicated Cosmopolis to Auster.

It arrived unheralded at Sundance 2011 and won the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize as well as the Special Jury Prize. "Another Earth" was made on a low budget, Brit Marling and Mike Cahill wrote it, Marling acted in it, and Cahill shot and edited it himself.

Kind of like Rob Pattinson's impromptu music on youtube. Is anyone listening? Why does everything of value require slick production and reproduction? Because Walter Benjamin told us so almost 100 years ago now. The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction on another of my blogs.

And Baudrillard has told us recently: If time accelerates, then go infinitely slowly. So according to Socrates, if slick CGI is required, go hand held cameras and shoe string production values.

Another Earth is visually fictionalizing Baudrillardian theory. Does this mean his theory is disappearing. We can only hope so. This is how he meant it to happen. Theory is not intended to last for hundreds of years while white suits in labs perform endless experiments trying to disprove it and only ending up confirming it. Do I need to tell you why?

The above quote describes Destiny in the near death experience of Rhoda in Another EarthMore elaboration reading through Baudrillard on my blog on Cosmopolis.
We can recall moments in the past when we had equal chances of living or dying - in a car crash, for example.... Every time someone finds himself at a crossroads of this kind, he has two worlds before him... It is the same with each decisive moment, both with birth and with death. Just as the virtual dead man that I am continues on his way on the other side, carries on with his existence which runs just beneath the surface of mine, birth is that dividing line where on the one side I exist as myself, but on the other I begin, at the same moment to exist as other Such is the form of alterity...(Impossible Exchange 82)
Kenzaburo Oe in A Personal Matter  opts for a choice-centered cosmology, and puts this in the mouth of one of his characters:
Every time you stand at the crossroads of life and death, you have two universes in front of you... 

Here is the woman known as Saw Lady who performed the sound track for Another Earth.
Natalia Paruz The Saw Lady Playing in the Subway
On the soundtrack of Another Earth.
She found me on twitter

Thank u for recommending Another Earth to ! (I played the saw on the soundtrack. This is me

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