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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Summit Entertainment: The House That Pattinson and Stewart Built: Fifty-Fifty 50/50

50/50 Poster

Roger Ebert gave a decent review of this movie so I went. It was at the 1.00 movies so what could I lose. The real reason I went was to see Summit - Scummit - do its latest thing on all its Twilight money. It has now partnered with Lions Gate so that is a good move.

If you want a review read Ebert on the link above. The Players are:

Domestic: $34,982,797   89.3%
Foreign: $4,173,591   10.7%

Worldwide: $39,156,388
Domestic Summary
Opening Weekend: $8,644,095
(#5 rank, 2,458 theaters, $3,517 average)
% of Total Gross: 24.7%
> View All 12 Weekends
Widest Release: 2,479 theaters
In Release: 82 days / 11.7 weeks

Interesting that Production Costs were missing,eh. Without those figures it is hard to say whether they lost money, broke even, or made a little. Well, I wish them luck spending the Pattinson-Stewart-Meyer money. They are gonna need it. No vision with these folks.

Basically it is a pretty boring film. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has never given a poor performance in his life but he doesn't have a lot to work with here in the screenplay. Seth Rogen is very good as the supporting buddy. Angelica Huston looks pretty with her nice face-lift and plays the part of mother suitably. When carefully shot she even looks still lovely. But. 
Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen

Bryce Dallas Howard however is giving us her best imitation of Victoria from Eclipse:

Riley, you know I really love you. Don't let him fool you. It's you I really love blah blah blah in this latest recreation of her perfidious ways. Astonishing really, so now in retrospect it is understandable why Rachelle LeFevre was thrown under the bus as Victoria after Twilight. Ron Howard is a big player and this is his daughter. Scummit was/is being nice and sucky. She even gets two chances to plead to get her boyfriend back in Victoria mode.

Anna Kendrick and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Anna Kendrick, also from Twilight, is always an accomplished young actress. But here she is reminiscent of Jessica in Twilight, although the screenplay gives her more range and depth and time on the screen. Now it is understandable why she got screen time in Eclipse for that ready-made valedictorian graduation speech that did nothing but detract from Eclipse, but a lot to promote Kendrick for Scummit's purposes -  to add her to their stable, and give her more screen time for the money they paid her. Just like BDH. BTW Scummit she doesn't need your shitty ways of promoting as she is good all by herself.

So we can see how Scummit goes about it. Yes, I know I sound like a bitch but that's because I am one. Gee, there are no Hershey Bars to sell for this one. Let's see, how about razors to shave your head when you get chemo. They could promote those, couldn't they.

I am still annoyed at the mess they made of the Twilight movies, Breaking Dawn being the pits. Flawed as Catherine Hardwicke's interpretation was, it is still perhaps the best in feeling, although New Moon with Weitz captures Bella's grief in her loss. 

Rachelle LeFevre as Victoria in Twilight

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