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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Review: THE GREAT GATSBY - So Excessive It Is OBSCENE

All Gatsby did, he did for love of Daisy
 It was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife,Mumtaz Mahal
Two men ruled by obsessive love of a woman

All just for Daisy
Alan Smithee's tweets from Cannes on Gatsby
Recent first:
God help you if you use narration in your work my friends! God Help You! - Robert Mckee in Adaptation

But this isn't his fault. This is the price that an actor has to pay if he is degraded to a marionette of/for an narrator.

from 'nice moment' to 'nice moment' because the characters have nothing more to offer except their appearance. --- That, however

As Walter Benjamin quotes Pirandello in his well known essay Art In The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction: The actor used as prop, the face used as pornographic prop as Baudrillard argues.

But that can't disguise the fact that we need more to fill a film with emotion and content. From the very beginning we got butt kicked...

Leonardo DiCaprio is brilliant. No question. His detached acting in pink linen is exceptional and worth watching the film.

Hollywood is no longer capable of to draw on over 100 years of film dramaturgy in order to tell a story with the easiest, most formal means.

that today's recipient's aren't capable any more to get the clue if he had used the original music --- and keeps us all for complete idiots!

smoking factory and the black men shoveling the dirt of New York, degenerate into pure maculature.

'The Great Gatsby' is an impressive movie but it miss the subtlety of the literary text.

Unfortunately, the bombast of knitting technology destroys the intimacy and prevents it really crackles between the actors.

pounding hip-hop beats. The Idea is: Kick the recipient by force into the Roaring Twenties of Jazz and Green Screen atmospheric set ups.

The story threatens to be buried, especially in the first half of the film under the gadgetry, fast cuts, tracking shots,

You are sucked in like in a black hole and your common sense experiences Spaghettification.

Steven Soderbergh mentioned (mutatis mutandis) he his tired of Hollywood's Mega-Budget-Madness. He will do TV and Twitter Novellas!

schizophrenic camera that buries Fitzgerald's fragile prose under thick layers of equipment, Haute Couture

The first half hour of ‘The Great Gatsby’ is a overproduced, to fancy to be authentic extravaganza nightmare of ecstasy of a detached,

self-promotion. Cannes knows how to party. As Fitzgerald said, A ‘magnificent mirage’. Fitzgerald wrote his novel years before the stock

Besides the cast of ‘The Great Gatsby’ I saw also audience and people on the streets dressed up in ‘Roaring Twenties’ style in shameless

Interestingly enough, the Grand Opening of the Festival with ‘The Great Gatsby’ was more or less a reflection of the film itself.

And in this last comment we have it. The excessive frenzy, particularly of the opening sequences is even more excessive than the excessiveness it is presenting. So excessive it is, as Herzog, Nietzsche and Baudrilard would argue, OBSCENE. And mirrored by the excessiveness of Cannes.

Gatsby is a film composed of floating signs circulating referring only to other signs. A simulation empty of meaning, only speculation is possible.A simulation of the Roaring Twenties, which were themselves a simulation. A film that is a simulation of a simulation, a SIMULACRUM with its own uncanny meaning.

Darren Mooney's Review HERE: At them0vieblog.com

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