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Thursday, June 6, 2013

NOW YOU SEE ME Review: Summit Scummit Bites the Dust

Interview With Romina HERE
We know this is a very important interview because at the bottom left of the video a pop up keeps advertising something even after you click it off. Over and over and over again all the way through the interview. So we know there is nothing important being said as it's all about selling something. How do I know this? I guess I am just brilliant. Attribute it to my genius.

Now You See Me
Domestic Total as of Jun. 4, 2013:$35,835,258
Distributor:Lionsgate/SummitRelease Date:May 31, 2013
Genre: ThrillerRuntime: 1 hrs. 56 min.
MPAA Rating: PG-13Production Budget: $75 million

Domestic: $35,835,258   91.8%
Foreign: $3,200,000   8.2%

Worldwide: $39,035,258 HA HA HA LOL!
Domestic Summary
Opening Weekend: $29,350,389
(#2 rank, 2,925 theaters, $10,034 average)
% of Total Gross: 81.9%
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Widest Release: 2,925 theaters
In Release: 5 days / 0.7 weeks
Louis Leterrier's directing experience

We have here some marvelous actors, and outstanding performances by them. 

And you can bet this was not such an outstanding movie that the actors waived their regular fees for the privilege of performing in it. The director they got because Leterrier knew how to do CGI and action. Boring boring boring. I hope the actors took them for a ride to the bank.
The Players

When you see this movie Summit is credited and Lionsgate is listed below with 
A Lionsgate Company  
So Summit takes the fall for this mess.

But a mish mash of a screenplay and a heisting of as much as possible from The Hunger Games, another one with a fake box that I can't remember and other cliches with great CGI that should have been used for Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, etc which were milked to give them money to spend and blow. Summit will throw away everything Pattinson and Stewart made for them.

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