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Monday, January 12, 2015

Reading Neil Burger's Divergent Through Deep Green Resistance

Reading Neil Burger's Divergent Through 
Deep Green Resistance

First Scene in Divergent Displaying Acting Credits
This is Lake Michigan in the future all dried up.Rotting, rusty hulks of huge ships are stranded on what was once a 
mighty lake.
There is no voice over telling us what happened only the beginning music of Philip Glass I think, as the shot goes over the fence and floats towards Chicago's buildings, people walking in their different color faction clothes as Beatrice tells us there has been a war and their city is divided into separate factions.
For anyone who has seen Lake Michigan this is imagining the future time in the novel/movie to us.

But it is also revealing the recent past to us.
A sea once so huge all of Ireland could have fit into it.
A Sea of 1000 islands.
Beautiful, rich with fish and sea animals
Ruined by USSR dams blocking the water for industrial use.
1000 Islands between New York and Ontario - Resorts and homes for wild animals and people
A Comparable body of water.
The ARAL Sea
In 44 years less than 10% is left.It is saline.All life is gone or dying

Aral Sea with crumbling buildings looking like Chicago in

Around the Aral Sea now is a Desert.The camels like it.

See it to the East of the Caspian Sea

Chicago in Divergent
Crumbling buildings in disrepair

I would say that this is one of the most profound scenes in any film in decades.Time is twisted so that the future is past and the past is future. Time as a continuum, conceptualized as linear, progressive has been spiraled into a
 Mobius Strip destroying all conventions of 

 Reality has been confabulated by the Imaginary.
Simulated Reality is Reality and Reality is Simulated.
The REAL is coming from the future and the past.

This is the message of the book Deep Green Resistance. We are all fixated on our favorite tragedies, fragmented, divided by our emotions, our ideologies, our political beliefs.
This is the way they want it so they can continue to plunder the planet until ...


This is VIOLENCE and it will not be stopped without force.It never has and it never will - Frederick Douglass

Our worst enemy is our neo-liberal ideology

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