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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cave of forgotten Dreams - Werner Herzog

Chauvet Cave - Cave of Forgotten Dreams Werner Herzog

 Also a lovely trailer at: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/reviews/cave-of-forgotten-dreams-u-2251898.html
Herzog’s 3-D is often masterful in representing the way in which the paintings’ shaped surfaces enhance perspective, or in revealing how deep space might be defined by light. (For better or worse, the movie does for Chauvet what Baudrillard complained an on-site replica did for Lascaux—render the real thing false.) Would that the director maintained the cave’s silence, deep enough to hear your heartbeat. Instead, there’s a compulsion to fill the void with philosophical vapors (“Is this the origin of the soul?”) and Ernst Reijseger’s obtrusive New Age choral music. The escalating audio desecration is capped by the filmmaker’s ultimate head-scratcher. Perhaps the mutant crocs will swim to Chauvet: “Looking at the paintings—what will they make of them?”

Actually I saw it in 2-D and it was lovely, although all the reviewers say that this is the film 3-D was invented for rather than all those stupid Hollywood CGI special effects. If I can find it in 3-D I will certainly see it that way.

I am imagining the way it must feel to see the inside of this cave, and all the paintings. And to really feel those 35,000 years.

There are some additions to the paintings that were added 5,000 years later. and one of the artist's hand prints are identifiable throughout because the little finger of his right hand is slightly crooked. So is mine. Genetic? A nice phantasy.

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