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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Miranda July Don't You Dare Miss Her New Film The Future

Miranda July

Miranda July, the uncategorizable artist who has produced everything from public sculpture to short stories and performance art since the mid-’90s, has finally directed her second feature film.
Her surrealism-tinged “The Future,” which opens Friday, will surely baffle many who know July only from 2005’s odd but realistic “Me and You and Everyone We Know.” Of the new film’s fantastic elements — a man who stops time, a weary moon that needs help moving Earth’s tides — the most challenging is Paw Paw, an orphaned cat who narrates much of the story. Fans aware that July is married to fellow artist/director Mike Mills might note that his recent “Beginners” featured a talking (or at least telepathic) animal. Coincidence?


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