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Monday, May 14, 2012

Magnolia Pictures: MARLEY A Documentary By Kevin Macdonald

Bob Marley - Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

Marley is a sufi and a dionysian spirit
Beyond good and evil: the ubermensch
Director Kevin Macdonald's 
Marley was not of the Order of Production: accumulation; survival; comfort; simulacrum; etc. He was ALIVE! He lived in the Order of Seduction: challenge, passion; singularity; death; etc.
In the tradition of rock singers - reggae - who go to the limit and push themselves in excess over the edge
His funeral has the emotional frenzy and love that DeLillo chronicles in his character Brutha Fez in Cosmopolis
I have not seen many mouths as beautiful as Marley's. Even in repose his mouth did not have a trace of contempt, any tightening, thin lipped sign of disapproval, repression, holding back, distaste, bitterness, none of the things one sees in their mirror and mirrored back on the faces everyone puts on "from that jar by the door". His smile is joyous, excessive, full of a generosity that knew no bounds, and yet was not an unweaned mouth, as Graham Greene might have said. 
The Inscription of Marley's Mouth - to extend Nietzsche and Foucault's Inscription of the Body -  seems to have gone untouched by all the forces that mold mouths in western culture.  
A musician among a very few who disappears during a performance becoming one with himself and his audience who become one with him in joy.

Now playing at the MOXIE in Springfield Missouri

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