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Thursday, July 11, 2013

MISSION BLACKLIST: The Will To Truth:Eric Maddox - Interrogator - Capturing Saddam

The pleasure that comes of exercising a power
 that questions, 
searches out, 
 brings to light;
and on the other hand, 
the pleasure that kindles at having to evade this power, 
flee from it, 
fool it, 
or travesty it.
The power that lets itself be invaded by the pleasure it is pursuing;
and opposite it,
power asserting itself in the pleasure of showing off, 
scandalizing, or resisting. 
Capture and seduction,
confrontation and mutual reinforcement:
parents and children,
adults and adolescents,
educators and students,
doctors and patients,
the psychiatrist with his hysteric and his perverts,
all have played this game continually 
since the nineteenth century.
These attractions, 
these evasions,
these circular incitements 
have traced around bodies and sexes,
not boundaries not to be crossed,
perpetual spirals of power and pleasure. 
The Foucault Reader:Paul Rabinow, editor
The Repressive Hypothesis - The Incitement To Discourse; The Perverse Implantation (p. 324)

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