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Friday, May 9, 2014

REVIEW DIVERGENT: A Leap Into the Unknown:

Beatrice and Her Family - Abnegation Dinner
This dinner scene is that of a simple, more or less religious family quietly eating their dinner. Sort of pre-bourgeois. Not unlike eating dinner with an Amish family here in the Ozarks. Conversation is limited, and the focus is on the meal and eating, then carrying the plates to be washed.There is the Foucauldian Grid in Abnegation, The Matrix, a Dominating Discourse, a standard of Normality within the Grid of Power/Knowledge.
Agnes Martin Painting

The control in Abnegation is by repression: Inscription of the Body; censoring of words and gestures, actions of selflessness, etc. It is irreversible, accumulative, metastasis 
Foucault doesn't want to talk about repression: but what else is that slow, brutal infection of the mind through sex, whose only equivalent in the past was infection through the soul (see Nietzsche - the infection through sex is nothing anyway but the historical and mental reversal of the infection through the soul under the sign of materialist parousia!) (Baudrillard - Forget Foucault p.44)

Dauntless - First Night in Cafeteria After Dinner 
Here is Tris happy at last. For the moment.
From the constraints of Abnegation and its confinement of body/mind she jumps into Dauntless, a facsimile of ancient Sparta, with its communal life of living at the edge. Living, not surviving as she was in Abnegation. A life of inversion.

Dauntless Manifesto:

  • We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, 
  • And in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.
  • Dauntless never give up.

  • Only life pushed to the limit, to moments that escaped the system of equivalence, could render power powerless. 

    Giving one's life away - a counter-gift - was the only present that couldn't be reciprocated.

    Baudrillard in Forget Foucault p. 15

    Tris will be more Dauntless than the Dauntless. 

    She gives the gift, following the ideology to its final consequences: 

    Dauntless can only respond with the counter-gift and if not then it must commit suicide. The Symbolic Order must be obeyed.

    Dauntless has given Four the gift of life. He now has an unpayable debt. The counter-gift must be repayed (not right away but it must be repayed) and it must be greater than the gift. Four's counter-gift is the destruction of Dauntless. The Death of Dauntless. 
    Leading to the Death of the faction system.

    He will lose Four, his identity as Four, his self, his everything that made him so exceptionally Four.

    Ancient Chinese Wisdom: Be very careful about the life you save.

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